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Christmas Wish Lists

In 2011, we took on the Christmas wish lists of 65 plus homeless teens referred from IISD and Winfree Academy Charter School. The Las Colinas Women’s Association was responsible for 20 wish lists and beauty business owners at Salons at the Plaza filled an additional seven. Members of Irving Women’s Network bought for the remaining forty. In a departure from the norm, two trees displayed to the public on our behalf asked for items with ongoing needs for distribution at The Main Place. A Christmas tree at the YMCA asked for gift cards to grocery, book, discount and department stores, as well as movie theaters, fast food and sit down restaurants. Olive Garden’s tree asked for items such as pajamas, socks, blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, towels, linens, etc. Christmas 2011 was the second year The Main Place hosted a distribution party for the teens. (Previously, the filled wish lists were given to IISD Project PASS to hand out so we missed all the fun.) Homemade cookies, apple cider and hot chocolate were served by volunteers dressed in Santa hats and reindeer horns. Santa Claus was present to personally wish a Merry Christmas to more than 50 guests. John Moore, a Pulitzer award winning photo journalist with Getty Images, flew in from New York and took photos of the event. (His mom is a devoted volunteer and supporter of The Main Place.) Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

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Prom & Graduation Program

Senior boys receive a new suit (regular or European cut depending on build), two dress shirts and as many as four complementary ties. This assortment provides them with the light colored shirt required for graduation and a myriad of combinations suitable for prom, church, job interviews and social functions. Underwear, belt, socks and shoes are provided if needed. We are thrilled by the guys admiring themselves in the full length mirror saying “I didn’t know I was this good-looking.” Senior girls receive a prom dress (most have been worn once but look brand new), evening shoes and bag, matching jewelry and strapless bra if needed. Makeup is available as well. Because there are so many senior activities, we also provide career clothing and semi-formal attire. We ask what size they think they are and what color they like. Comments forthcoming range from: “We’ll find you a black dress, but with your beautiful complexion, burgundy would look great on you.” “With your beautiful big blue eyes…” “With your gorgeous red hair…” We ask them to think outside the box, try on the recommended item and model it for us. We always tell them that if they can zip it or button it up we want to see it. We provide that unique boutique experience in bringing items to them to try on. Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

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Distribution Center of Clothing

The Main Place in Irving, TX provides clothing and personal items for homeless teens and individuals and/or families in need. Volunteers act as “image consultants” and provide trendy, age appropriate, well fitting clothing. Our goal is to raise their self esteem by pointing out their best features and outfitting them from head to toe – including proper foundation garments and jewelry for the girls. The Main Place is a “retail store without a cash register” – allowing the students to shop at no cost. They come in with their head down; they leave with bags full of clothing and big smiles on their faces. All are required to fill out a teen survey and to write a thank you card. We ask them to write a note (to also instill good manners) telling how they feel about being able to come to The Main Place – not what they think we want to hear, but how they “feel.” One girl recently wrote “I couldn’t think of anything that you could possibly have that I could want, but when I walked into the room I couldn’t believe what you had! I’m thankful for what you did for me and excited to wear my new clothes!” Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

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