Volunteer Duties

Dress Teens/Selection Volunteers:

  • Assist Teens/their Families/Community with selecting clothing, shoes, suits, jewelry, accessories, etc., for School, interviews, Graduation, Prom, every day wear, sleeping, etc. Each student must try on the clothing items for Volunteer’s “approval”.
  • Each person must sign in (date & time), highlight the sign-in book when you are working with someone to Dress. Obtain a clipboard w/the paperwork to get started.

Questions to ask:

  • What do you need/what is the event(s) you are dressing for? (every day, interview, dressy, Prom, Graduation)
  • What size do you “think” you wear (enter it on the inventory sheet)?
  • If they have children with them, ask if they also need anything?

Find clothes they like & especially that “fit”. It is important to see them in the clothing!

Do not let them take items that are too tight or revealing (NO hoochie mamas or guys with boxers hanging out)

NOTE: This is your opportunity to REALLY build them up! Encourage them to select clothes that fit well, flatter them, matching outfits, complete with accessories, etc. Provide positive “words of wisdom”, “You LOOK GREAT”! “That OUTFIT” looks fantastic on you”!, etc.

  • Do not offer cologne to guys (we save it for Christmas gifts)
  • ONLY NEW clothing is entered on Inventory sheets, NOT used (re-threads).
  • Families of the Teens (Mothers, siblings, children, etc.) are welcome to shop in the Re-threads Room (pre-owned clothing).
  • After items clothing items are selected, pass along to the “Check out” Volunteers.

“Check out” Volunteers:

  • Complete the Item Inventory sheet per student/person.
  • Fold items & bag for them to take (sacks in the front).
  • ALWAYS offer hygiene products, a pillow & a blanket. Go through hygiene boxes with Teen & select only the items they will use & put in a small sack.) Return the plastic BOX to the back.
  • Have each Teen complete the Teen Survey (check the file first for a previous one).
  • Note: Students are NOT required to complete a Teen Survey “if” they have completed one on a previous visit & their information has not changed.
  • FOR EACH VISIT we ask the Teens to sit down in the BIG room & write us a THANK YOU note to IWN, in their own words, about their experience with us, this also includes their contact phone number. 

Sorting/Organizing/Hanging Volunteers:

Volunteers will sort, hang, box, label, fold, organize as needed.

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