Clothing and Hygiene

Donations Accepted

Mondays:   9 am - 1:30 pm

Tuesdays - Thursdays:   9 am  3 pm

2nd & 4th Saturdays:   9 am - 12 pm


Our Goals

Our Mission

The Main Place provides new clothing and personal items for teens experiencing homelessness as well as individuals or families who are in need.

  • Ensure that every client has the ultimate shopping experience

  • Provide each client their own personal “image consultant”

  • Present high quality, trendy, age appropriate, well-fitting clothing

  • Remove or reduce our clients’ financial burden

  • Enable clients to fit in

  • Raise clients’ self esteem

  • Show love through our service

Our Vision

The Main Place strives  to change the self-image our clients have of themselves and end their cycle of despair and dispassion.

For the teens experiencing homelessness
it's the confidence to focus on their education and graduate to a world of opportunities.

For the domestically abused
it's the strength to rebuild their self-worth, permanently terminate
the relationship with their abuser, and make a brighter new life.

For the jobless
it's the perseverance to locate worthy employment and become, or return to being, a contributing member of society.

All of our clients come to us with referrals and appointments only. We do not qualify them; we leave that to school counselors and case workers. To see a partial list of referring agencies, please click here.

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